Penis Enlargement With Phalogenics Traction!


Is Phalogenics Traction Program The Best Way To Enlarge Your Penis? 

The Phalogenics program may be exceptional and it may have helped me grow my penis by at least half an inch, but that does not mean it's the best thing I've ever tried nor does it imply Phalogenics is my favorite penis enlargement option. 

 In fact, it is not even close to the top of my list. What can I say; all I want is a penis that hits the sweet spot, harder erections and some of that porn star staying power.I'm not as picky as I sound in this review. I'm also a liar. My preference for all things sexual is so fucking elegant that I can not help but find flaws in what most people would call the perfect product. My mom calls it a curse.

With that said, it should come as no surprise that I have something negative (and positive) to say about the"Latin-inspired" Phalogenics Penis Enlargement Exercise Program (and it is supposed"bonuses" too). So, without further ado, let's go to our happy place and get down to business because, quite frankly, this might hurt a little: Phalogenics is a program that is dedicated to teaching men how to get a larger penis without using tablets, lotions or herbal extracts. With the help of recent technological progress, this program is designed to help men achieve great results at a natural and safe way.

The program is centered on a therapeutic light called penile trauma therapy. This therapy involves the stretching and recovery technique where the penile tissues have been stimulated to absorb more blood, thus leading to bigger and harder erections. Phalogenics program is focused on stimulating the corpora cavernosa or corpus cavernosum (singular). When the penis is a little stretched, the corpora cavernosa generates more space.

After the stretch, the penis goes through a recovery process where the capability of corpora cavernosa to absorb more blood increases, leading to a longer and larger penis. This is a process that needs a whole lot of patience.

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